Pursuing the Mind of Christ

Pursuing the Mind of Christ

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Back to the Basics

There is a controversy today in the church over what a righteous Christian is like. Some believers say one thing while others say another, but we must return to the basics to know God’s truth.

In Philippians 3, Paul talks about true righteousness and goes through four important points to help us come back to it.  

First, he discards circumcision as being a valid source of confidence before the Lord. He says we should focus exclusively on God; worship Him not in our efforts but the Spirit; rejoice in Him; and not trust in our flesh. What matters most is to be circumcised in our hearts – to remove anything that could keep us from focusing on God and trusting in the complete work of Jesus on the cross.

Second, in verses 4–6, Paul explains that if anyone had reasons to trust in their flesh, he had more. Why? Because he was blameless as concerning the law. He was a Pharisee, a Hebrew of Hebrews. In the flesh, he had it all. However, he soon came to know that none of that mattered. When the Lord is the center of our lives, and our focus is on Christ and His work, our feet are firm on the Rock that will never be moved.

Next, Paul says that all he amounted to ended up becoming a disadvantage because it got in the way between him and Christ. He considered it as rubbish because it didn’t let him get to know Christ, his Lord. We no longer need to wonder what to give up for Christ. We must give up everything because there is nothing better than Jesus, and He is all we will ever need. What do we need to give up to know Jesus?

Finally, Paul explains in verses 9–11 that as Christians, we need to:

• Be so deeply identified with Christ that when people see us, they see Him;

• Know Christ fully (that is, experientially, mentally, and physically);

• Know the fellowship of His sufferings; and

• Be willing to lose it all for the knowledge of Him. 

It is true righteousness! 

Lord, please forgive me for trying to achieve righteousness on my own and not putting You in the center of my life. Please, help me get to know You more so that people can see You in me.

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Pursuing the Mind of Christ

There are three tenets in football that drive the game: We should focus on the basics, keep our eye on the ball, and never forget it is more than just a sport. In Philippians 3, the Apostle Paul wants us to get into Jesu...

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