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Pursuing the Mind of Christ Sample

Pursuing the Mind of Christ

DAY 3 OF 3

Beyond the End Zone

Have you ever felt without purpose while following Jesus? Many people in Philippi also felt that way. Therefore Paul, from among many things he could have written, sent them these words to make them, and us, understand our purpose. We shouldn’t be focused on things here on Earth because we have a better goal beyond what we can see or touch. This supreme calling should motivate the things we do; it is why we strive to be like Him as much as possible while trying to be an example others can follow.

Throughout Philippians chapter 3, Paul has laid before the church of Philippi what his ambition in life is: to know Christ and to know him fully. Paul’s burning passion connects his concluding statements with an exhortation – knowing where his permanent place of residence is, he challenges the church to live like citizens of heaven.

Let us be an example to other people by letting them see what Jesus has done in us. Let’s make Him glow in our lives and show who He is, how much He loves people, and how He can change not only our lives but their lives too. 

The Bible says that we will encounter some enemies down the way but that we shouldn’t worry about this. Instead, we should set our minds on our citizenship in heaven with God so that we can concentrate on making Him proud on this Earth.

We are waiting for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to come back, and He will transform us into a glorious body and a glorious church so we can all worship Him together. So, do not mind those who say that they are your enemies. Focus on Jesus Christ’s glorious return. We are not chained to this Earth forever; we will have a glorious eternity with God.

Lord, please, make us invisible to our enemies’ eyes so that they can’t touch or curse us. Protect us from their wrong ways and empower us to focus more on Your glorious return. Fill us with Your love and grace so that we can give it freely to others, as You have commanded us to. Forgive our sins, so we are ready to go with You, and we can witness Your church transformed into a glorious one. Help us spread Your good news to all people, so they can also come to You.

Grace Center for Spiritual Development is the community development arm of Grace School of Theology, which aims to develop spiritual leaders in every nation who can teach others about the love of Christ—a love that cannot be earned and cannot be lost. They offer free resources from devotionals, study guides, Bible studies, podcasts, and Grace on Demand Certificate Courses  for everyone who wants to keep learning and keep growing in God's grace.

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Pursuing the Mind of Christ

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