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Lead Regardless 

The story of the 'Good Samaritan' begins with the despised Samaritan. History tells us the Samaritans and Jews didn't get along. They hated each other. But the Samaritan didn't allow others' definition of him to keep him from showing love to the Jewish man in need. I love how the world's definition of the Samaritan, "despised," was used to describe him at the beginning of the story. Still, the Samaritan's compassion and, ultimately, actions changed his reputation forever. Today, we know him and his story as the 'good Samaritan.' It's great to see that we can be known for things we are not.

As I stood beside some of my black brothers leading a community rally during the racial tension in our nation, I looked out and saw a white male. He was in the audience listening and cheering for us. As I looked at those leading the rally, I recognized that we all had the leadership and influence to stand on this platform because of him and others like him. He had leveraged his resources and influence over the years to allow minorities leaders like me to grow our leadership and gain influence in our city. His commitment and efforts to leverage what he had for our lives were a game-changer. He is a white man but is known for raising minority leaders in our city and beyond. He is known for something he is not. 

The world wants to define who we are and tell us what we can do, but God shows us that we can love people regardless of what the world says. Jesus was known for being with reputable ‘sinners’ yet he was the only ‘sinless’ person to ever live. He didn’t allow others to determine what he would be known for. His actions reflected his conviction and calling to seek and save the lost. We can serve people irrespective of our connection to them. We can be known for loving people who are not like us if we are willing to step outside our labels. Our churches can be known for the impact we are having on the world. In his book, FOR, Jeff Henderson talks about asking an essential question, "What do we want to be known FOR?" It's a powerful question that can help us as individuals and organizations make decisions that lead to actions of love. How can you step outside of what others think so you can be known for what God says? If we are going to lead REGARDLESS, we have move beyond cultural norms and respond to the conviction of Christ in our lives. 

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As followers of Jesus, we are called to live regardless of how the culture around us is living. Jesus modeled a life focused on others and called his followers to give no matter the cost. In a world focused on self, Jesu...

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