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Live Regardless 

There are only 18-inches from the head to the heart, but those 18-inches represent a significant shift in how we live. If our beliefs determine our behaviors, then it's not enough to know what's right. We must believe what's right so we can do what's right. In our scripture today, Jesus is talking with an expert in religious law. Someone who knew the scriptures and was trying to trick Jesus into a wrong answer. The story begins with the expert asking Jesus a question in which he already knew the answer. Ultimately the religious leader asked another question because he wanted to "Justify" his actions. In the good Samaritan story, we see the people who knew the most did the least. 

The covid-19 crisis highlighted many challenges in our world. It changed the way many lived and interacted while highlighting the challenges in those marginalized in our communities. It created an incredible opportunity for followers of Jesus to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Because we had never lived through a pandemic before it was unchartered territory. There was no blueprint for what to do and how to live. 

One of the most powerful narratives of the pandemic was the number of people who acted. People who leveraged their voices to raise awareness and resources for those most vulnerable and in need. People who gave sacrificially to the needs of the world. One of the saddest parts of the pandemic were individuals and organizations who got stuck in analysis paralysis. Individuals and organizations were stuck asking questions with good intentions but ultimately never led to actions. People were asking questions that focused on preferred outcomes instead of practical action steps. 

Living Regardless requires a decision from asking questions to taking action. Questions can be good, but if they keep us from acting, we are asking too many questions or not the right questions. Questions often make us feel like we are doing the right things, but ultimately, they only justify our lack of actions. We judge people based on their actions, but we consider ourselves based on our intentions. Questions can reflect our choices, but the world experiences God's love through our actions. So let's decide to live regardless and make sure our questions lead to actions that impact the world around us.

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As followers of Jesus, we are called to live regardless of how the culture around us is living. Jesus modeled a life focused on others and called his followers to give no matter the cost. In a world focused on self, Jesu...

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