Abiding With God in the Heartache and the Joy

Abiding With God in the Heartache and the Joy

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For such a time as this  

Since the Father’s will is not fully accomplished on the earth today, it is plausible that God is raising and preparing modern-day Esthers, Mordecai’s, Josephs, and Daniels.

What does it look like to be faithful, in this time and place, ‘for such a time as this?’ How can I be an Esther?

Do I have Mordicai’s courage in refusing to bow down to Haman because of his devotion to the Lord?

We need help to realize that the Lord can accomplish his plans with or without us, but he wants us to play a part in his story, as revealed throughout the Bible.

Esther’s challenge is the same for us today, even though the risks are not as dire in Australia. May we know when to speak up and when to keep silent. May we have favor with our authorities, governments, employers, and our church leaders.


Creator God, may I know that my promotions, opportunities, and positions are for your purposes and not my own. Amen.

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Abiding With God in the Heartache and the Joy

Life brings great heartache and deep joy for all of us. We can find God in all of life as we embrace his love, his word, and his Spirit.

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