Abiding With God in the Heartache and the Joy


Inquiring of the Lord  

With so many battles around us, recognizing which ones to leave is just as important as knowing which ones to fight. May I be like David and learn to inquire of the Lord about what to take on. If the answer is ‘yes,’ may I go ahead confidently, and if the answer is ‘no,’ to go no further regardless of the reactions of those around me.

While more often than not, I try and do things under my strength, this passage reminds me that not only should I seek God’s advice, I should also realize that God will answer.

Is God only interested in the big issues, or does he care about the detail? We are to acknowledge him in all our ways, down to which email to answer next, which call to make, which task to pick up, and which one to leave.

How often do I forget to seek the Spirit’s counsel when things are going well? At those times, I can start to think I have all the answers. Our success can deceive us.


Help me, Lord God, to have the wisdom to differentiate between what is alluring and where I place my trust.