Abiding With God in the Heartache and the Joy

Abiding With God in the Heartache and the Joy

DAY 7 OF 14

Grace and Truth  

The Law was given, but grace and truth are embodied in a person, our Lord Jesus Christ. As a lawyer, I am constantly astonished by how God led his people in the Old Testament by the Law, only to break it so comprehensively as told in the Gospels of the New Testament.

The Law was broken both by the one who gave it and by the people who received it. What do I mean by that? Just pause and think about it.

The Law was fulfilled by a broken son of God, who was nailed to a cross and ridiculed by the crowd as he willingly gave his life.

Once again, we see the wonderful interplay between law, grace, and truth. Grace is unmerited favor, but so much more. Grace is also the power and desire to do God’s will. We couldn’t fulfill the Law, but we can fulfill the Father’s will through the gift of grace.

As followers of Christ, we are all advocates for God. May we all recognize the Law’s authority and urge for leadership and governance that is tempered by grace and truth.


Thank you, Lord God, for laws. They provide structure, cohesion, justice, and clarity to our community. Thank you that as I sit under the laws within my country, I claim your grace given to me through salvation. As your child, I can also advocate for changes to laws that run contrary to your truth. Please, give me the courage to speak out against injustices as you reveal them to me. Amen.


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Abiding With God in the Heartache and the Joy

Life brings great heartache and deep joy for all of us. We can find God in all of life as we embrace his love, his word, and his Spirit.

We would like to thank Bible Society Australia for providing this plan. For more information, please visit: http://biblesociety.org.au

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