Wonderfully Made: Discover the Identity, Love and Worth You Were Created For

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Day 5: You Are Made to Live Fully Alive

In a noisy and distracting world, God politely whispers, inviting us to live fully present and engaged with the life He has given us before it passes us by. It’s a much-awaited invitation our souls crave to accept. The question is, will we get quiet enough to hear it? Will we show up for our life? Busyness, constant pings, phone and social media addiction can make us strangers to our own lives. All the noise prevents us from hearing God’s whisper inviting us to a better life. 

God kindly invites us to live wide awake to the story He is writing in our lives so we don’t miss out on His love and wonder. To live fully alive is to abide in God, moment by moment, breath by breath. 

Our best, joy-filled life is found in God. It is only in Christ we are fully alive. We are dead to our shortcomings and sin. We are alive in grace so radical that it loves us at our darkest but refuses to leave us there. If you are in Christ—even when you feel dead inside, broken, or too far gone—you are still fully alive because “greater is He who is in you than the one who is in the world” (1 John 4:4). God is fighting your battles and you have complete victory because though you may have troubles, Jesus has “overcome the world” (John 16:33). 

Living fully alive means walking in our true God-given identity as His redeemed, chosen, forgiven, and loved child. We are most alive when we’re not only rooted in God but when we also walk in obedience by following God’s commands and precepts that keep us joyful and free from harm. We are invited to walk on the narrow road that leads to life. 

Living fully alive is laying your life down to find the life you were made for. It’s leaving this world more in awe of God and living life to the fullest because in Christ you are fully alive. May you abide in God and know that you are wonderfully made as you live loved, alive, and free.


What does living fully alive in Christ mean to you?


God, Thank You for loving me and rescuing me. Teach me the abundant life You desire for me. Help me to live loved and fully alive in You.