Wonderfully Made: Discover the Identity, Love and Worth You Were Created For

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Day 3: You Are Made to Glorify God

We live in a self-glorifying culture. The path to happiness seems paved with self-worship and self-promotion. We see celebrities, athletes, and influencers get rewarded for their self-exaltation, while the rest of us try to follow suit or wonder why we’re not quite good enough. This lifestyle might sparkle and shine, but eventually, the glitter wears off. The “likes” stop coming. Someone else shinier comes along. Thankfully, we have been made for so much more than a life that’s all about us.

Our true purpose is popularly summarized in the Westminster Shorter Catechism, which says our chief end or purpose is “to glorify God and to enjoy him forever.” As God’s image-bearers, we have been made to glorify God with our lives, to enjoy His goodness, and to make Him known. 

We can’t add to or take away from God’s glory, but we can honor, praise, and worship Him through our thoughts, actions, and relationships. When we live in a way that shines the spotlight on God, rather than ourselves, we are the most alive and happy. We have purpose and joy.

When we turn away from self-focus and fix our eyes above, we live in gratitude to God who is the giver of an ever good and perfect gift. We humbly acknowledge that apart from God we are nothing. We begin to really shine as we relax into the destiny God has for us: to be loved by Christ, to bring Him glory, and to love others well.

You have been made to glorify God and as you do you will find true purpose and peace.


How can you glorify God through the gifts and passions He’s given you?


God, Thank You for inviting me into a greater story — to live fully alive and satisfied in You. I acknowledge that every good and perfect gift in my life comes from You, and I resolve to glorify You in all I do and say so that others may know of Your goodness and love.