Wonderfully Made: Discover the Identity, Love and Worth You Were Created For

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Day 1: You are Wonderfully Made

Did you know that according to scientists the odds of you being born are about one in four hundred trillion or more? A miracle means something is so unlikely it is pretty much impossible. By that definition, you are a miracle!

Contrary to what people or science textbooks might tell you, you are not the result of random cosmic collisions. Your spirit knows better. You didn’t wonderfully evolve. You’ve been wonderfully made. The universe is not looking out for you, the One who breathed it into existence is. Discovering the life you’ve been created for begins with believing you have been made by God and for God.

To be fearfully [lovingly] and wonderfully made means you are not an accident. God knit you together in your mother’s womb and you have been made with love, dignity, purpose, wonder, and awe. There is nothing you can do to add or take away from your inherent worth. 

When the world tells you that you are defined by your struggles, accomplishments, or appearance, hide in God, the Author of your life and the source of your true value, identity, and worth. In Him, your true identity and worth can never be shaken.


How does what you believe about how you came to exist influence your sense of identity and purpose? 


God, I see your fingerprints all around me in what You have created. I praise You because I have been lovingly and wonderfully made in Your image. Help me rest in the truth that my identity and worth come from You alone.