Who Am I? - Part 2

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Secure Future

God, through Jeremiah, is speaking to the exiled Jews in Babylon. 

The total destruction of Jerusalem and the temple were yet to happen, but Nebuchanezzar had already removed some of the Jews to Babylon (v1). God tells his people they would be in exile for seventy years, but there was going to be a return to the land. The exiled Jews, experiencing God’s judgment on their nation had every reason to think God was against them and He intended evil for them. Through Jeremiah, God assured them that His thoughts toward them were of peace and that in His heart and mind He had a future and a hope for them. 

God’s promise was not made to all nations at the time but only to Israel. Similarly, for those who are in Christ, God has promised our sins are forgiven and so our future in Him is secure. Even though the circumstances may seem otherwise, for those in Christ, God has plans and those plans are good. Cling on to this truth! 

Lord help me trust you and that your thoughts toward me are always good, I pray.