Who Am I? - Part 2

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Working Partners

There was a conflict in the Corinthian church. 

Some claimed to be of Paul and others of Apollos. The sense of competition, envy, and strife was rampant and divisive. The purpose of living for and serving God was lost in the tussle for importance. Paul reminds them such behavior is carnal and not from God. It is not about individuals but about God and His work which He chooses to accomplish through us. The one who plants is as important as the one who waters and vice versa. All are part of the same team, working toward the same goal of serving God. 

Paul goes on to remind them we have the privilege of being God’s fellow workers, of working with God. We cannot work without Him, and He wants us to work with Him as His working partner. When you consider all the ways God could have done His work, it is even more amazing to know He wants our participation. What an awesome honor and privilege to partner with the King of kings and Lord of lords! 

Are envy and strife coming in the way of my serving God? What is my response to the truth that God chooses to work with and through me? 

Lord may I never lose the awe and wonder of being your fellow worker. Help me humbly and faithfully serve you all the days of my life, I pray.