What to Do When the Bottom Falls Out

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Whatever it is that we might be going through; whatever temptation, test, or trial, even when it looks like all the hope is gone, this scripture in Hebrews reminds us that He will immediately run to the cry of anyone who calls out to Him to give the aid that’s needed, to assist and encourage us.

What we decide to do in the darkest hour of any situation is going to determine the outcome. Whether we realize it or not, many times history is being made at the moment based on the choice that we make.

​We can choose life or death, blessing or cursing. It’s God’s power that brings it about, but it’s our faith, many times, that releases the power. So often we think—I just can’t work up enough faith, I don’t feel anything. It’s not something that we work up. It’s not a feeling. There have been times when I felt nothing on the inside, but I know that if we take God’s Word, act on it, choose to believe it, refuse to give up, it changes things and brings in the miracle we need! God’s Word works. We can remove mountains in the spiritual realm by our obedience, our believing God, and putting down all the fears. In every situation, God is saying, “Don’t go by sight, don’t be afraid, don’t quit believing.”

We hope this study has helped you personally or given you information to tuck away to be able to help others who need encouragement to always keep your faith and put down fear no matter what you face.

This 3-day study was taken from a blog on the peggyjoyceruth.org website. Read it in its entirety here.