What to Do When the Bottom Falls Out

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Jesus delayed going to Jairus' home as He inquired who had touched him. This delay probably made Jairus uncomfortable, concerned, and even more worried. But Jesus wanted to give Jairus hope. Think if Jairus had become angry because the woman stopped Jesus. Was he so consumed with fears that he couldn't pay attention to the miracle that was happening in front of him? What if he'd felt rejection or self-pity, or said I don't have the kind of faith that woman had? Anytime we come to the place where we think that the enemy has won, we have turned over the trophy that had been in our possession all the time. 

Jesus' instructions were very simple. It's summed up in two steps. 

1. Deal with the negative because you are going to have those negatives coming. Stop the fear. Don't be afraid.  

2. Stick with the positive and hang on to your faith. Keep believing—don't lay it down. 

There will be so many things that will try to divert our attention and God wants us to stay focused. 

The closer we get to Jesus, the better it's going to be. Those unexpected encounters—what we call interruptions—can often be God giving us exactly what we need. 

Is there an area where you allowed distance in your relationship with God as you mistook a delay as a rejection, or became angry with things not in your control? What's the answer? Run to Jesus, repent for allowing disappointment or discouragement in, and trust God as if He were standing beside you in the flesh.

Hebrews 2:18 (Amplified Version) has brought so much comfort to people when they realize that this is being said about Jesus after He's gone to be with the Father. Let's read it now. 

For because He Himself [in His humanity] has suffered in being tempted (tested and tried), He is able [immediately] to run to the cry of (assist, relieve) those who are being tempted and tested and tried [and who therefore are being exposed to suffering].