Unfair?! An Introduction to Habakkuk

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What a great testimony from Habakkuk to round up his book! His faith in God wasn't dependent on his bank balance, having food on the table, or being part of a prosperous society. If we come to God for stuff, God isn't our god; stuff is.

God had given Habbakuk the eternal perspective he needed to be philosophical about the injustices of life. Furthermore, God had saved him from his own personal injustices, so Habbakuk was assured that he was eternally secure, whatever the day might bring.

I used to share a lift to work with a man who would always say, 'let's see what the day brings'. I love his expectant attitude. As Christians we say, 'let's see if this day brings the return of our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ'!

The eternal perspective was liberating for Habakkuk. He felt rejuvenated, with a spring in his step, at the knowledge that God will sort everything out. We can have such confidence too.

'Dear Lord, may Habbakuk's testimony be ours too, that we may know that You will work everything out, for the glory of Your name, amen.'

Are you filled with joy at the thought that God is in control?

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