Unfair?! An Introduction to Habakkuk

Day 6 of 7 • This day’s reading


God's ways are eternal. In order to make sense of injustice, we must understand that. If we lived only with a current perspective, we would despair at the state of the world. 

Because God is eternal, we can have hope that injustice isn't forever; because God is just, and will bring injustice to an end. We don't need to despair, because God hasn't given up on us. Salvation is available today. 

As a trainee teacher, I observed a Religious Education lesson, and was given opportunity to answer the questions of suffering, injustice, and the existence of God. I simply wrote on the whiteboard 'eternity'. With a temporary perspective, nothing seems to make sense. From God's eternal perspective, all will be well. 

How do we avoid the trouble we deserve? In this world we will have trouble. But if we belong to Jesus, we can be encouraged that He has overcome the world.

'God our Lord, we pray that You would give us the eternal perspective we need to make sense of life in this fallen world. Thank You that You will recreate all things in eternal perfection, ourselves included, if we trust in You, for Your glory, amen.' 

How does eternity put things into perspective?