The Father Knows Best

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Saying “yes” in the face of God’s “no” is a breaking process, and it is very painful. But it is also the place where God begins a new thing. Rarely do we understand it at the time. The Lord does not ask that we be okay with being broken. He only asks that we submit to the breaking and trust Him with it. The apex of obedience to God is to faithfully say, “Lord, let this cup pass from me, nevertheless, not my will, but your will be done,” to release what is behind and press on to what lies ahead, to surrender, to let God close the door, regardless of how much it hurts. 

Let Abraham testify. He was commanded to surrender his will and lay his son, Isaac, on the altar of sacrifice. Isaac was Abraham’s miracle baby, born when his father was one hundred years old. And yet God called Abraham to lay his miracle on the altar at Mount Moriah. Facing the biggest loss in his life also led to Abraham’s biggest miracle, becoming not just Isaac’s father but the father of many nations. 

How is obedience related to the discovery of God’s will for your life?