The Father Knows Best

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One of the reasons we study theology is to learn about the nature of God so we can have a deeply rooted trust in Him. My biological father gave me a great example of this type of trusting relationship. I knew that he cared for me and would provide for our family’s needs. I did not worry about food or clothes because I was confident my father would take care of those things. 

He was a longshoreman, unloading freight from cargo ships to the docks on the Chesapeake Bay in Baltimore. Some days there was no work to be had, but Dad was determined to do whatever he could to feed his family. 

One advantage to being on the waterfront is there were always fish available. Many days I came home from school to the smell of herring cooking in Mom’s kitchen. Herring is basically a big sardine with lots of those nasty little bones in it and to this day I cannot stand to eat fish of any kind. At the time I hated it.

I’ve since learned that fresh herring is actually one of the most nutritious things a person can eat, full of antioxidants and those omega-3 fatty acids that doctors say are so important. We may have grumbled about all that fish, but my siblings and I were a hearty bunch. God had a plan after all. 

When has God given you something better than what you asked for?

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