Ruth: A God Who Redeems

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Waiting With Faithfulness

Ruth chapter two ends with hope. Ruth and Naomi have been provided for economically (for the time being). But what about their long-term protection and livelihood? Will Boaz be the one to redeem Ruth?

Ruth chapter three takes place at the end of harvesting season. (Roughly 6-7 weeks after the events of Ruth chapter 2). Naomi wants rest and security for Ruth. She hopes Boaz would be the one to redeem and marry Ruth. But Naomi and Ruth’s plan carries a lot of risk. If Boaz rejects or is offended by Ruth’s actions, everything that he has done for them could be lost.

In an amazing display of courage, Ruth does all Naomi instructs her. She asks Boaz to be her redeemer and marry her. And it works! Boaz agrees and expresses his desire to do so. But he isn’t the closest relative, which means it isn’t up to him. But for now, Ruth has hope. While Boaz is not God, we see the character of God displayed here. 

Just like a poor widow seeks to be redeemed by Boaz, so it is with us. We have a God, under no obligation to redeem us, who justifies us freely by his grace. Just like Ruth, redemption is available to us by God himself. God, though under no obligation to care for or redeem us, gladly redeems and welcomes anyone who asks.

So when morning comes, Ruth returns to Naomi and tells her all that happened. Not only that, but we see how God has cared for Naomi. At the end of Ruth 1, Naomi proclaimed that she went away (to Moab) full, but the Lord brought her back empty. Now, the Lord has given her the hope of being full again. But we must wait, we don’t know if Boaz will be the one to redeem Ruth.

And this is a reminder to us. When God seems far from us (as he did to Naomi), he may be working on his greatest display of his love for us. And like the Psalmists tells us in Psalm 27:14, we must wait for the Lord.

Waiting is not easy, of course, but it does show us something. Our faithfulness to God is often revealed in how we wait. Do we try to manipulate God or our situation for our own ends, or will we trust in Him to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves? Just like Ruth and Naomi at the end of Ruth chapter 3, sometimes we must wait.

Today’s reflection:

What is something you are currently waiting on the Lord for? What do you think faithfulness looks like during this waiting period?