Ruth: A God Who Redeems

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Ruth chapter three ends with Boaz expressing his desire to marry and redeem Ruth. But there is a problem, there is a closer relative to Ruth’s deceased husband than he, therefore Boaz has to ask this other redeemer if he would like to redeem and marry Ruth first. How will this story end?

A lot happens in verses 1-16. Ultimately, Boaz is the one who gets to redeem and marry Ruth. Not only that, but they have a son. We see God bless Boaz, Ruth, and Naomi, who went from no food and no family at the end of chapter 1, to holding a grandchild she never thought she would have.

Here is what the story reminds us: who are we to tell God what he can and cannot do? Naomi nor Ruth would have imagined this when they returned to Bethlehem, yet God has been abundantly faithful to them.

This does not mean that we will get everything we want in this life, but it shows us that ultimately we are not the ones in control. And not only do Ruth and Boaz have a son, but from Ruth and Boaz ultimately comes David, Israel’s greatest king!

Don’t forget, the book of Ruth takes place during the dark days of the Judges where most people turned from the Lord. Yet we see God’s faithfulness here and that the line of the Messiah was not preserved through heroic kings or mighty battles, but by the gracious hand of God. For Jesus himself comes from the line of David, who came from the line of Ruth and Boaz.

Therefore, the book of Ruth shows us that our God is a pursuing God. In addition to that, we see that God’s faithfulness to us is greater than our faithfulness to him. He will never abandon or forsake us. And he always responds to repentance with grace.

More than anything, the story of Ruth is a story of redemption. It is a reminder that no one is beyond the redemption of God. No matter what others may think or how people may view us, God invites all of us to his table of grace.

Today’s reflection:

God not only redeemed Ruth but also Israel when the nation did not deserve it or even ask for it. How does this comfort or encourage you?

Going Deeper:

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