Guardians Of Ancora Bible Plan: Jesus And Jairus

Day 3 of 5 • This day’s reading



The noise was unbearable. People were distraught. But then they had the audacity to laugh at Jesus! OK, so he might have misjudged the situation by stating that the child was asleep, when it was blatantly obvious she was dead, but to laugh, at Jesus?

The laughter and the tears quickly disappeared when the child was brought to them, very much alive. Perhaps they had been mistaken after all. Maybe she hadn’t been dead, even though she had looked it.

What had happened inside the room? Jesus had gone in with the girl’s father and mother as well as three of his friends, but no one else had been allowed to join them. Jairus and his wife weren’t saying much. They were busy fixing a meal for the little girl.

Whatever had taken place, the child was back to full health and her parents were clearly overjoyed. And Jesus? His work was done. He and his friends took their leave.


When the dead girl came back to life, what would it have been like to be there, at that moment?


Choose a phrase related to today’s Bible reading, maybe ‘Lord, take away my/our fears’. Try the ancient method of ‘breath prayers’, quietly together. Close your eyes and be calm, as you start to feel the rhythm of your breathing. Repeat the phrase silently, over and over, for about a minute (or longer, if you’re all at ease with the stillness).


Switch on your game device, go to the Spire and select the Bible Quest ‘Jesus and Jairus’ (tap the ‘game-controller’ icon).

Have you completed the first two chapters of ‘Jesus and Jairus’? If so, see how you get on with Chapter 3 today.

Jairus has just heard that his young daughter has died. But Jesus is calm. ‘Have faith,’ he says. Jesus is still going to Jairus’ house! So, you need to find your way there. Fabula can’t believe what might happen – will Jesus bring the girl back to life? Before you get there, there are some moving platforms to negotiate – careful there!

And here you are, at Jairus’ house. Inside, Jesus says the girl is just asleep. He tells her to get up and… She’s alive! Fabulous!

What is your favourite part of the story? Why do you like that part so much?