Living Waters Devotional


You and God 

This woman was a sinner; she had been married five times and was currently living with a man who was not her husband. In those days, this was something that was greatly frowned upon, and she was an outcast.

Jesus did not highlight her flaws to condemn or scorn her. He needed her to see that her current lifestyle was a hindrance to her experiencing the fullness of life in God. 

If you truly desire to experience God and all of His goodness, it will require you to let go of some things and people.

You have to ask yourself, what is keeping me away from God? What stops me from being with Him? You must answer those questions honestly. Nothing should stop you from being close to God. You shouldn’t give anything or anyone that right. It could be a set of friends, a relationship, a bad habit or a TV show. Whatever it is, it is stopping you from knowing God and reaping the benefits. 

Your relationship with God impacts your entire life, and His leadership in your life is vital. As you grow in God and you continue to immerse yourself in all that He is, you will naturally change. Your desires will not be the same, and you will discover things in you that you never knew you had, bad and good, but it is necessary so that you can be better. 

Lord, show me what stops me from being close to you, so that I can experience you each day of my life. 

Taken from the book Living Waters by Susan Deborahs. Copyright © 2014 by Susan Deborahs. All rights reserved.