Living Waters Devotional


Give Me a Drink 

This woman was searching for something that nothing in this world could give her. She had been married many times, in a quest to find something that only Jesus could give. She was searching for love and Jesus was ready and willing to meet that need that roared inside of her. 

God desires to meet the need that is burning inside of you, too. He sees all and He is here to meet whatever needs you have. Stop searching for it in people and in material things. Those are all temporary fixes. 

Why do you spend your money and time on things that temporarily satisfy? 

Why do you invest in relationships that have no guaranteed return? 

Jesus is not a temporary fix; the work that He does in the heart is permanent. A true relationship with Him guarantees a return of peace, joy, love and much more. All that you're searching for is in Him. Your purpose, your worth and happiness are all hidden in Him. The true living water that Jesus speaks of in this scripture represents God’s Spirit, the Spirit that is living inside of you, that is ready to truly fill you up.  

Living an abundant life is not about obtaining things, but about discovering your life through Him. Today I challenge you to invest and commit yourself to knowing God. You will truly see the result. 

Lord, you know my needs. I give you every empty area. I give you all that I am, my whole heart. Come and take over. 

Taken from the book Living Waters by Susan Deborahs. Copyright © 2014 by Susan Deborahs. All rights reserved.