Living Waters Devotional


The Father's Love

Love brought Jesus to the well to meet the woman. Love took Jesus to the cross. That love has no limit neither will it fail any of us. 

You are loved. 

This is a truth that remains constant for every individual; God’s love never fails towards us. God is a Father to all. He loves His children and you are His child. 

At times we can put the face of those who have rejected, disappointed and caused us pain, on the face of God, fearing that He will do the same thing. Yet, He is not those people because He is not like man. 

His love is truth, His love is pure, it is good and it is faithful. He won’t reject you when you come to Him. If there has been any moment where you have doubted whether God can love you, I pray that these truths will settle in your heart: He can and He always will. 

Meditate on the scriptures and make them your truth. Any time doubt enters your mind about God’s heart towards you, remind yourself of the truth and be free from the lie that you are not loved.


Lord, I ask that you will open my heart to your love, through the scriptures, and by way of your Holy Spirit. 

Taken from the book Living Waters by Susan Deborahs. Copyright © 2014 by Susan Deborahs. All rights reserved.