Fear/less (Pt. 3): It’s Time to Get Desperate for God

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Jesus, arriving to the other side of the sea, was met by large crowds and a man named Jairus , who was a leader in the synagogue. Jairus, facing the impending death of his daughter, knelt down and cried out to Jesus, begging for help. Jesus is moved and an ever-growing crowd followed toward the home of Jairus. There would have been a lot of momentum and sensed desperation in this moment. While on the way to respond to Jairus’ need, Jesus is approached silently by yet another woman desperate for intervention and healing. This woman’s condition had grown worse and while she had been treated by many, never experienced relief. In a moment of desperation, she reached out and touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and immediately her hemorrhaging ceased and she felt in her body that she was healed. 

She pressed beyond the constraint's society had set for her and her audacious faith stopped Jesus in his tracks. The entire attention of the crowd shifted toward this woman who would have feared the response of the Teacher and the humiliation of the crowd, yet Jesus declares that by her faith she had been made well; healed and at peace.  

Augustine said, “Few are they who, by faith, touch him; multitudes are those who throng around him.” 


What do you see as the difference between gathering crowds around Jesus and those who reached out to touch him?  

Have you had moments of fear and trembling that caused you to reach out to Jesus in faith for the impossible?