Look to the Future

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God’s New World Is Coming!

By Rev. Patrick Feldhus, Chaplain 

Last year has become synonymous with misfortune and suffering. Anytime we have trouble going forward, all we have to say is, “I’m going through a 2020.” Most people will immediately understand what you mean. However, there is something important to take away from the year 2020. As bad as this year has been, it is not going to get better. 

Through the Apostle Paul, God reminds us that the world as we know it is passing away. This should excite us! One day, this world—the one that has brought us a year like 2020—will be gone. But that begs the question: what will the new world be like? 

The best way to describe the new world that is coming is to say what it is not. 

The new world is not contaminated with sin! Every misfortune and every difficult moment that we suffer is a result of sin in the world. The moment that Adam and Eve fell into sin, the world changed for the worse. Every virus, every natural disaster, the anger and hatred that people have toward one another, and death are a result of sin. This is the reason why the world must pass away. It is completely tainted by sin. 

As we look at ourselves, we, too, are tainted completely by sin. How can we look forward to the new world? God pulled back the curtain to show us his Son, who would come to make us pure and holy. Every evil thing that we have done in thought, words, and actions has been removed from us, and Jesus’s perfection covers us. In God’s eyes, we are righteous and heirs of the new world. 

God reveals this to us to comfort us while we are still in the world that is passing away—a world that gives us a year like 2020. We have a new view of the future. No matter how difficult things become, through Jesus, we will inherit a new world where there will be no more death, or sorrow, or crying, or pain, as the former world in its present form has passed away.

Prayer: Dear heavenly Father! Thank you for giving us a new look for the future. Help us to find comfort in knowing that the present world will pass away and give way to a new world without sin and its consequences. In Jesus’s name we pray! Amen.