Look to the Future

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Hope in God

By Mark Hayes, President of Ministry

Money, although not inherently bad, universally points out the flaws in all of us. At whatever level we reside, we passionately seek the next level. “If only I had (insert that thing you think you need right now), THEN I would truly be content.” 

That thing we think we need isn’t the same for everyone. But money is the most ubiquitous way for us to recognize our dependence on things in this world more than God. 

In March 2020, many businesses closed, people lost their jobs, and the market experienced a drop like it hasn’t seen since 2008. This is a vivid snapshot of why not to put our hope in unstable things. A spouse can disappoint or pass away. A job can become disposable. Your reputation can be tarnished. Here’s the hint: Anything that isn’t God is unstable.

But after the warning comes a beautiful promise and clear specific direction for your hope. “Put your hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.” 

  • Hope in God to weather a job interruption. Your hope in the job crushes you. Your hope in God opens up opportunities.  

  • Hope in God to remain emotionally intact when a loved one hurts you. Your hope in your loved one destroys your connection to that person and mankind. Your hope in God gives you peace and grants you the ability to forgive.  

  • Hope in God for personal value and self-worth when the world mistakenly labels you. Your hope in your reputation debilitates you. Your hope in God gives you a clear view of your status as his beloved child.

God led His only son Jesus to a cross, relinquishing His relationship with him so that He could have one with you. God is love. Put your hope in Him.

Prayer: Dear Father, lead me to see life as a gift and every day as a blessing. Send your Spirit to redirect the eyes and heart of my faith to rely solely on you.