Cross Fit

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Physically Fit

There are lessons taught within the Word of God that can easily be understood in the midst of physical exercise. But only those who partake in exercise will be able to notice them immediately.

Anyone who has ever ran a long distance can attest to this.

Runners often experience a period of extreme exhaustion during their run known as the runner’s wall. The runner’s wall is common during long-distance training, but can actually hit you at any time. In fact, many have experienced this feeling at the start of their work out! You feel tired, your legs feel like rubber, and you begin having an internal dialogue with yourself. You tell yourself to quit. You tell yourself to give up and try again tomorrow. You may even tell yourself that running isn’t for you.

But then, you break through.

When you break through the runner’s wall and you come out on the other side, you gain a second wind. For those who have experienced this, it is one of the oddest feelings you can have. You feel as if you could run for the rest of the day. Your legs don’t hurt and that voice telling you to quit has been silenced as endorphins flow through your body.

You press on.

Like Elijah, David, Abraham, and so many others in the Bible, when we hit our own “wall” of sorts, we are faced with our own uncertainties. We are surrounded by our own fears and anxieties, but God pulls us through those. He looks past our weaker points and focuses on our strengths. He calms the voices in our heads telling us to give up, and He replaces them with feelings of confidence. Feelings of certainty. Feelings of strength.

This is Cross Fit.

What Jesus did on the cross provided you and I salvation. Salvation means there is nothing lacking, nothing broken, but complete.

When you look at fitness, you must understand that it doesn't stop at the gym. This journey of life is challenging, and it requires you and I as believers to be completely fit.

Pray this prayer with me:

Heavenly Father, You have called us to grow in grace, to increase our understanding of Jesus and to develop a close and intimate relationship with You. Lord, this is what I desire to do, and I pray I may come to know You more and more each day.

Thank You, Father, for the Bible, which is written to help me understand Your Word of truth, and thank You for the indwelling Holy Spirit, Who has promised to guide me in the way that I should go.

I pray that I may learn to walk in spirit and truth so that I may mature in my Christian faith and become Cross Fit as I study Your word and learn to live godly in Christ Jesus.

I pray growth in all areas, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, relationally, financially and physically.

In Jesus' name I pray,


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