Cross Fit

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Emotionally/Mentally Fit

Part of mental health is how well your mind processes and understands information and experiences. 

Emotional health involves your ability to manage and express the emotions that arise from what you have learned and experienced.

Everyone goes through times where their emotional tanks are empty, even great heroes of the Bible.

Consider Elijah. After he went toe-to-toe with a pagan prophet and won, he received a death threat from the queen and began a downward spiral of emotional exhaustion. He fled and went deep into the wilderness, praying for death. Rather than to give up on him, God led him to recovery. He allowed Elijah to sleep, knowing that he was exhausted. He also listened to Elijah’s fears and frustrations. He listened until Elijah had run out of words, because He knew that this was what Elijah needed.

When you’re emotionally exhausted and nearing burnout, you need to remember what God says and who He is. When we do that, we shift our eyes from our problem and towards Jesus. We get a fresh awareness of God’s power, presence, and personality. When you refocus on God, you realize that you are not in control, but that He is. You don’t have to take the world on by yourself. You don’t have to play God when you have Him in your corner, willing to do the heavy lifting so that you can rest and refocus.

If you’re feeling burned out, and you’re emotionally and mentally exhausted, God hasn’t forgotten about you. He hasn’t left you alone nor will He.

Just like God did with Elijah, God stands ready and willing to help you work through your exhaustion.