Cross Fit

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Spiritually Fit

Spiritually fit people:

1. Are led by the spirit, not the flesh. In the spirit, we are strong. If we’re driven by our own efforts, we are weak.

2. Follow Christ’s life, truth, and way. They abide by the teachings of Jesus Christ and seek ways to display this in their own lives.

3. Are fishers of men. When God calls us to cast our nets into risk, He often encourages us to KEEP doing it! We become risk-takers instead of home-dwellers.

4. Willing to fellowship with God constantly. In Christ we come out of our weakness, stress and fears to find ourselves equipped by His grace. Spiritually fit people seek not to know of God, but to have a relationship with Him.

5. Have a readiness to go. The more we get our running shoes on, the easier it gets to run.

6. Stand firm in our identity. When we know who we are, the enemy can’t tell us we’re someone else. The confidence of identity makes it difficult for the world to mold you into something else.

7. Seek purity. When sin drops off of us, we become more alive.

8. Apply God’s grace to your weak points. Effective physical training targets areas that need to be strengthened in an overall fitness program. Improving spiritual fitness also involves an honest assessment of weak points.

9. Check their heart regularly. The heart is an amazing muscle. Even the ancients recognized that it is the central organ of human life. Not surprisingly, scripture also describes the heart as the center of life. Thus, Paul urged the Corinthians to regularly examine whether Christ was ruling on the throne of their hearts. Being spiritually fit is having a heart where Jesus reigns supreme.

10. Live to honor Christ. People use all kinds of motivational reasons to get physically fit. However, staying SPIRITUALLY fit needs only one justification: it’s the right thing to do.

11. Embrace the truth. Whether we are speaking of physical or spiritual fitness, the truth is the truth. We can try to ignore the truth but it doesn’t go away. We can try to hide it but it eventually comes out. We can distort it or deny it, but truth always prevails. Embracing the truth liberates us to grow in faith.

Today, may you and I choose to walk in spiritual fitness.