Known: 10 Days to Discovering Your Identity

Day 3 of 10 • This day’s reading


Everything God created—which is literally everything, btw—He created with a purpose. The purpose of a bee is to pollinate, helping plants grow, breed, and produce food. The purpose of a lightning strike is to help dissolve unusable nitrogen in the water, which then creates a natural fertilizer that plants can absorb through their roots. The purpose of an aspen tree is to provide a habitat for a wide variety of wildlife. Though all things have unique purposes, they all have one common purpose too—to make much of God by displaying His beauty and His glory. But nothing else on Earth was created in the image of God the way you and I are. You reflect Him in a way nothing else on Earth can. Unlike the stars, only you and I can express His forgiveness, His grace, and His love to those around us.

When you invest your time and energy into managing the way other people perceive you, you not only create a version of yourself that is often false and perfectly constructed, but you also miss out on the bigger purpose the Lord has for you.

Your outward appearance to the world around you does not serve as your purpose on this Earth, nor is it the reason why you are called the jewels in the crown of the Lord (Zechariah 9:16). While God created the stars to shine as jewels set far above the Earth, He created you to hold the true treasure of Heaven within you. You carry the Holy Spirit of the living God in your own heart. Your unique purpose might be to be a baseball player, or a makeup artist, or a physical therapist, or a graphic designer. However, your ultimate purpose as a child of God will always be to reflect the love of God and to display His forgiveness, His grace, and His kindness to your friends, your team, your class, and your family, in a way that only you can.