Known: 10 Days to Discovering Your Identity

Day 2 of 10 • This day’s reading


Have you ever felt insecure? Have you ever felt like the confidence you want is just out of reach? Have you ever felt that if you would just work hard enough, you would look like her? Have you ever felt that if you had a hot girlfriend, you would fit in with the locker room talk? Have you ever felt that if you could just keep up with the latest trend, then maybe you would be confident in your body? For some reason, confidence always feels unobtainable no matter how hard you try.

The opening verse in Psalm 23 tells us “the Lord is my shepherd.” In just those five opening words, you can discover the identity and confidence for which you were created. Culture today may try to convey that you need to create your own identity and rely on self-confidence to carry you through life. But the truth is, we are all designed to be fully dependent on God and to look to Him for your confidence, purpose, and identity.

If you Google the definition of confidence, you will find that it means “to have the feeling or belief that one can rely and have firm trust on someone or something.” To the degree that you can understand that truth, and believe that the “someone or something” is Jesus, you will be able to walk in full confidence, trust, and reliance on Him, believing that He knows you, your needs, your desire, and your heart.

There are so many different paths that you could wander down hoping that one of them would bring you confidence, joy, or purpose. But the beauty of following Jesus is that if you keep your eyes on Him, then you are on the right path already. There will still be moments that seem dark, and days where the pressure is too much, but in those times you will have the God-confidence that on His path, you are cared for and loved and have purpose just as you are.

You are designed by a God who knows you, who understands what you need, and who is the One on whom you can always depend.