Known: 10 Days to Discovering Your Identity

Day 7 of 10 • This day’s reading


A creator knows their creation. If you spend time looking at a flower, even the simplest example, there is such careful attention to detail and beauty. I challenge you right now to go outside and look at some flowers, or at the very least do some googling. It is truly miraculous, isn’t it?! During the Creation story, God knew that flowers were needed to dress the fields—it wasn’t an afterthought. We can know God cares just by looking at the smallest of details found in flowers. 

The thing about this portion of scripture that is so special is that Jesus is speaking right to you, and He wants to calm your worried heart. He is telling you that if God gave such attention to wildflowers, which aren’t even the peak of His creation (reminder, in case you have forgotten: that peak is YOU), don't you think He’ll attend to you, take pride in you, and do His best for you? Our Creator knows you deeply, and His heart is FOR you. 

But for your part, you have to fight to not allow room at the table for fear, anxiety, and doubt to creep in. Having little faith that God will be true to His word isn’t a little problem! Anyone else feel a big ouch reading that? I know I did. Little faith is a diss to God and adds fuel to your fears. You have to take action to rest in the promise that Jesus gave you. Keep coming back to the truth of His words and the times you have seen His faithfulness on display. Walk in the confidence that you are created with intention, known deeply, and wildly cared for.