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Slow Down, Show Up & Pray. Wellbeing the Jesus Way. 5 Day Bible Plan With Ruth RiceSample

Slow Down, Show Up & Pray. Wellbeing the Jesus Way. 5 Day Bible Plan With Ruth Rice

DAY 1 OF 5

Day 1: A Web of Wellbeing

The word wellbeing is everywhere at the moment, isn’t it? There are so many different definitions of what it is. Personally, I didn’t understand what it was until it was lacking in my life. It was due to a mental and emotional breakdown that I began to be fascinated with the gospel of wellbeing. You can read about the story in “Slow Down, Show up and Pray.” The Hebrew word shalom is probably the best way for me to think about wellbeing. The image I like best is of hands holding a cup, the cup being our lives empty or full, held in a bigger story, in stronger hands. This is what shalom looks like for me. The prophet Isaiah describes shalom beautifully in chapter 40. Here is a God of wellbeing. All we are invited to do is wait, actively wait. The Hebrew word here for wait is the same word as a spider spinning a web. This is waiting with habits that spin gossamer threads of hope ready to catch his goodness. This is wellbeing that looks like something. As a charity, we engage with the 5 ways to wellbeing. We form habits around these ways to wellbeing for our inner and outer lives. Connecting, learning, getting active, taking notice and giving: doesn’t this sound like kingdom life, like good church to you? It did to me when I was struggling with my wellbeing. It still does, as I encourage all churches everywhere to open up quiet shared spaces to practice habits of prayer and presence and partnership for better mental health for all.

Reflect: What does wellbeing look like for you? What habits do you have that help you wait on the Lord? How can you “Be still and know that He is God” and you are not God . . . (what a relief!) every day? 

Prayer: (Use Psalm 46:10 to meditate) God of shalom, God of wellbeing come and teach me, hold me, show me how to wait actively for your wellbeing every day. May I know this day the peace of being held and loved and known by you.

Day 2

About this Plan

Slow Down, Show Up & Pray. Wellbeing the Jesus Way. 5 Day Bible Plan With Ruth Rice

Taking a look at what the Bible has to say about mental and emotional wellbeing and what Jesus shows us about living with wellbeing practices.

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