The Antidote Is Humility

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In the culture of the time of Jesus, humility was something people put on others. It was more about humiliation than honor. It was not understood as a virtue as it is today. Jesus transformed the way in which this virtue is viewed and embraced.  The Crucifixion was the demonstration of greatness expressed by Jesus through humility, in the laying down of his life for others.  Jesus knew whose he was, who he was, where he had come from, and what had been given into his hands for the sake of humanity. We all need to have this kind of powerful assurance through a transformative encounter with God within our lives. Something supernatural takes place when we know whose we are, who we are, where we’ve come from, how far he’s brought us by his grace, and for what purpose we’ve been called to love and serve in the interest of others, eternally.  


Do you serve others with a Spirit-led assurance of whose you are and for what cause you’ve been commissioned?  

Create margin today to consider how far God has brought you by his grace, not of yourself, and how he can work within your humility to love and serve others.