The Antidote Is Humility

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Are you shaping your life in such a way, where you are removing opportunities to serve others, as you strive towards a life that you’ve defined as the end destination; a life reflective of success? Sometimes we want to graduate and get to a stage where we don’t have to do certain things anymore. As leaders we begin to mobilize others to do these things we have a particular skill set and gifting for, rather than us carrying out these seemingly mundane or menial tasks. This presents a reality - a future, a way of being - that possibly doesn’t enable us to step into all that we are able to be as people. Do you want to get to a place in life where you don’t have to serve anyone, anymore? If at the same time we neglect the power of service, something shifts substantially in our make-up. 


Are you striving for a level of greatness that has been defined by the world? If so, how? 

How does Jesus’ definition of greatness shift or affect your outlook for achieving greatness in the future?