The Antidote Is Humility

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Humility is grounded in our true identity. Jesus shows us that the starting point of humility and service is with a revelation of who we are in Christ. The abundance of God’s authority in and through our lives should compel us toward humility. Humility causes us to realize that we are given all things by God. The greatness we strive for should be reflected in and found through our service. Humility helps us stay grounded and connected to others in the way in which we were created. 


How can you bring your gifts and talents to serve your family and friends, your coworkers, your community, and your church? 

Serving is not just for the “big acts” of service - on the mission field, in volunteer roles or in serving opportunities at church. What are some “menial” acts of service that you could do to intentionally bless others this week?