Fearless in Battle

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There’s no question about it: the situations we face in life will rock our boats. For the disciples, it was a storm that had them in a tizzy. For us, it could be a job situation, a financial problem, a health condition, or a relationship issue, among other complications. 

There are, literally, hundreds of perfectly logical reasons to give in to fear. 

The Bible, however, makes it amply clear that God doesn't intend for us to succumb to fear. In fact, you might have heard that the phrase “fear not” appears over 365 times in Scripture.

While we will undoubtedly face fearful situations in life, our response to fear is critical. We can’t avoid circumstances that rock our boat, but we can choose to combat it the right way.

So, what is the antidote to fear? 

The answer is found in the words of Jesus in Mathew 8:26: “Why are you afraid, O you of little faith?” 

The verse doesn’t say, “O you of little courage” or “little education,” but, “you of little faith.” (emphasis mine)

Clearly, we can either succumb to fear - or operate through faith.

Faith inspired the young shepherd boy, David, to defeat a famed war hero twice his size, while the rest of the Israelite army trembled in fear.

Faith caused Joshua and company to conquer a fortified city by marching around it for seven days. 

Faith encouraged Peter to step out of the boat and walk on the waters of a stormy sea (until fear took over).

It was a battle we faced as we learned that the innocuous-seeming swelling on my daughter’s forehead was really a cancerous growth. That diagnosis turned our world upside down. But faith kept moving us forward, one day at a time. 

Faith looks fear in the eye. Faith dictates fear. Faith leaves no room, not even a foothold, for fear.

Are you holding on to fear? Know that you can step out of the boat in faith when you keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. Pray for that mustard-seed-sized faith that will grow with each step of obedience.