Father's Day Reflections

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Presence and Provision 

I don’t know of anyone in history who, at the end of their life, lying on their deathbed, ever said the words, “I wish I’d spent more time in the office.” 

When we look back over our lives at what we value the most, the vast majority of us would point to our family. Whether we are fathers, plan to be fathers, or have a father, we all have a responsibility to our families. 

As men, there can often be a contention between providing everything our wives and children need, but also being present for them, creating memories and helping our children grow up to be happy, healthy and successful individuals. 

Being a father of a toddler, I love spending as much time as possible with my daughter, but I also recognise the responsibility of having to work to provide all the things that my family needs. It can often be a difficult balance to strike. 

But if we look to our Heavenly Father, we can see that he loves us enough to spend time with us whenever we call on Him, but He is also busy at work, ‘working all things for the good of those He loves.’ 

Jesus set a fabulous example in His life here on earth. 

He was constantly on a mission to teach God’s Word and call people to follow Him. But He was also incredibly compassionate, stopping in his tracks to notice those who were rejected by society or who cried out to Him. 

He even crossed a river in a boat to visit the demon-possessed man in order to set him free, before heading back to His original destination. (Matt 8:28-34) 

Likewise, we should seek wisdom and compassion to see when our children need us to be present in their lives. There will always be that temptation to ‘earn that little bit more’ for the sake of our families, but in my experience, I’ve found that we can live off a little bit less money and a lot more quality time. 

God wants us to live fulfilling, adventurous lives, but this doesn’t require us to have a huge bank balance. Setting an example of work-life balance to our kids will pay off as they grow up, allowing them to be people who love life and embrace fun and adventure. 

So, remember to spend time with your children. One day they will be all grown up and raising their own families, carving their own paths, making their own mistakes and celebrating their own wins. The time you have with them now won’t last long, so make the most of it while you can.