Father's Day Reflections

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Paternal Patterns

As men, and as fathers, we are called to be giant killers. But what does that mean?

In our lives, there are certain patterns, traits, or habits that are unhealthy for us, but that we naturally gravitate towards. These can be a wide array of things: laziness, lust, lack of commitment, addiction, cynicism, to name but a few.

These can be just things we have fed as a result of unwise choices, but sometimes they are a result of things that have been passed down the generations. You may call it a ‘natural disposition,’ which often means that without care and attention, you can slip into these patterns. And while we should reflect on how we have been created; we need to fight some of these giants in our lives.

Take addiction, for example. If you know that the generations before you had a tendency to become easily addicted to things like gambling or alcohol, but didn’t do anything about it to change, then it’s a disposition that is passed down that says, ‘that’s just the way you are,’ and, ‘that will always be a part of our family.’

So how can this giant be killed?

Well, it’s not always easy, but with God’s help, it’s possible to face this head on, making healthy choices, setting boundaries that don’t allow you to go near those things that could become a vice, and praying over those things that have had a spiritual hold over your family, and breaking them off in Jesus’ Name.

Another practical example is negativity or cynicism that runs in the family.

If you’ve grown up around negative words or behaviour it can be so easy to pass this on through your words. But God has called us to be encouragers, and that includes our families. Through prayer and conscious effort, it is possible to fight against this pattern and create a positive atmosphere. This involves speaking out words of encouragement to our children when they do something well, especially if it’s for the first time. Speaking well of others in front our kids can be a massive help, as they see you honouring others, it creates a culture of integrity and respect.

These are quite specific examples, but the point is to be aware of what we are passing on to our children.

If we do our best to fight these giants on their behalf, it gives them a significant boost to achieve the potential that God has placed in each one of them.

And we’re not doing this on our own.

God says in His Word that He will ‘never leave us or forsake us,’ and this means He is there for us as we face down these giants in our lives. He has given us everything we need to overcome any work of the enemy, so we can be confident in building a better platform for our children and the generations to come.

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