The Making of a Disciple - 7 Days of Mentorship

Day 7 of 7 • This day’s reading


Mountains of Victory—Breaking New Ground

Mountains of victory are found in the process of breaking new ground. When we agree with God to move forward in His will, He gives us revelation by breaking down what is spiritually in us and what is spiritually needed for us. God spiritually shakes us. God shakes the ground or stirs up the spiritual world of his people to reveal obstacles and hindrances.  Because we are the kingdom of God here on earth, the believer and disciple must be aware of what is in the pathway of purpose; thus, the shaking and stirring are necessary. The shaking reveals and removes obstacles that can hinder or stop the believer's/disciple’s progress. This process also shows the spiritual location of the believer/disciple for their purpose. What I mean by spiritual location is: are we operating from His will or our will. 

What is God shaking in your life that reveals where you are spiritually in Him at this time? Pay attention and make adjustments. Can you see His will? Is your purpose revealed? These questions should provoke us to understand the importance of breaking up the fallow ground and breaking new ground as we move in the will of God. Mountains of victory are birthed in our obedience to God and His word.

The road of discipleship, valleys of learning, hills of battles, and mountains of victory are all part of the process of becoming a powerful weapon in the hands of God. Hearing God’s word builds your faith, keeping you in unity with yourself and the body of Christ with confidence. Know what the discipleship process and life of a disciple will cost you. Allow the grace of God to navigate you through every obstacle that stands in your path. According to God’s will and purpose, your spiritual position will break new ground that He has intended and fashioned just for you. 

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Sample Prayer:

Lord, thank You for bringing me closer to victory in my daily walk with you. Continue to highlight the lessons I have read in this devotional in my heart and mind. Thank You for walking this journey with me and giving me others to come along side. I pray that my walk as Your disciple would be pleasing in your sight. In Jesus' name, Amen.