The Making of a Disciple - 7 Days of Mentorship

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The Road of Discipleship—Hearing God 

Want to know how to be a true Disciple of Christ? In making a disciple, one of the first things that we must develop is hearing what the Spirit says. When we hear the Godhead speak, it causes our faith to grow and nurtures our spiritual man. The Holy Spirit trains our spirit to hear and recognize the voice of Jesus and God the Father by calling us to Themselves.   

While the Holy Spirit teaches us to hear and recognize the voice of Jesus, faith is increasing. Things that were dead come alive; things that are alive that should be dead die; and breached, damaged areas begin to be repaired, making us whole. The beginning stage of your discipleship process is crucial. The amount of access we allow the Holy Spirit's work to do in our personal lives sets up the foundational learning process from the Holy Spirit. 

The more access we allow, the more we grow and learn from the Spirit of God. This beginning stage is where our faith in God, trust in God, dependence on God, and confidence in God and His purposes and destiny develop inside us; then we can pursue them. The more availability and access we allow the Spirit of God, the more understanding and insight we are shown in the personal purpose for us from God's mind. Now that we have learned about hearing God, tomorrow we will discuss building faith and trust with God. 

Sample prayer: 

Father, I pray that I will be sensitive to your moving and sharp as I listen to the Holy Spirit, which searches Your mind and reveals Your will for my life. Please forgive me for the times I have become hard of hearing. From this day forward, I will listen and practice learning to live the life of a disciple. In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen.