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The Way of the KingdomSample

The Way of the Kingdom

DAY 5 OF 5

You Are the Light of the World

We know there is something terribly wrong with the culture. We see the symptoms: racism, division, violence, sex trafficking, addiction, loneliness, etc. We search for meaning and purpose, but instead find dysfunction, disappointment and disillusionment. We look to government leaders hoping to find justice and to be rescued from poverty and bondage.

Our culture has become narcissistic and entitled. In other words, the world loves self. Self-love cannot heal the sicknesses of humanity, because it cannot hear and respond to lament, comfort in suffering, be present in grief and loneliness, be trusted in trouble, be an anchor in hopelessness or be a bridge in division. Self-love cannot provide compassion, kindness, community or rest. Self-denial, self-will, self-confidence and self-sacrifice are not enough. Vision and passion are not enough. 

True, self-sacrificing love must be the motivation and the foundation. This love puts away all other loves—the love of self, love of fame, love of success, love of money, love of power and love of pleasure. Without a red hot love for God and others, we cannot deny ourselves or subjugate our own self-love. It is when we have a true and passionate love for God that we can willingly, without rancor, lay our lives down for others.

The sacrificial love of Christ in and through us is the antidote for what ails our culture. It must be the motivation that compels us to be Kingdom people who respond in the way of the Kingdom. When we love as Jesus does, we are willing to sacrifice as He did.

We are motivated by such a love, empowered by grace, and we walk in an aggressive faith to do Kingdom battle against dark forces that are enslaving humanity. We live a lifestyle of the Kingdom as Jesus did. Jesus and His Gospel are the answer. We, His people, possess the cure.

You are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. You are filled with the Holy Spirit who will enable you for your task. Your mission field is your family, neighborhood and city. Everywhere you go, people are waiting to be healed, set free, encouraged with God’s Word and brought into the Kingdom through salvation. Will you do your part to serve the King and advance His Kingdom? 

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The Way of the Kingdom

God is awakening His Church, and we need to see the big picture. When times get tough, we will be tempted to quit. It is not, however, time to quit. Join us as we learn how to read the times we are in, as well as gain st...


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