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The Way of the KingdomSample

The Way of the Kingdom

DAY 2 OF 5

Having Ears to Hear

The main method of passing down history, Scripture and traditions for the nation of Israel was oral transmission. God spoke in many ways and at many times by the prophets. God desires a people who hear His voice and live by every word that comes from His mouth. Having ears to hear was especially important in Jesus’ time.

When He speaks, it is time to listen and understand. The Bible tells us that hearing is related to faith and faithfulness. Ears to hear is an idiomatic saying that calls for the listener to have an open heart and mind to what is about to be revealed. In other words, saying, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear,” is the same thing as saying, “Wake up and pay careful attention!” Only spiritual perception can understand spiritual revelation. 

How many have missed a move of God because they could not perceive what God was doing? They recused themselves rather than opening their hearts and minds. They insulted, criticized and defended their position rather than change. It is time for us to be children of light who are shrewd and who have ears to hear. We cannot serve the culture and politics and still be able to take our place in the Kingdom. The shifts, sudden changes and even crises can both create unprecedented opportunities for Kingdom advancement and stimulate creative Kingdom strategies for finance, business, politics, family, education and ministry. We will encounter hostile situations that we will need to navigate in order to seize the opportunities they afford.

The Body of Christ must awaken to the opportunities that present themselves in the midst of crisis. We must see and hear with new understanding, and we must allow adversity to stimulate creative strategies for advancing the Kingdom. Let’s allow the Spirit to influence our expectations and narratives so that our worldviews and mind-sets align with the Kingdom of God for our generation.

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The Way of the Kingdom

God is awakening His Church, and we need to see the big picture. When times get tough, we will be tempted to quit. It is not, however, time to quit. Join us as we learn how to read the times we are in, as well as gain st...


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