The Way of the Kingdom


Conflict Is Unavoidable

Every move of God is met with resistance from the enemy. There is no such thing as faith without opposition. There is no such thing as a revival without resistance. Revival always disrupts the status quo, and it uncovers the works of darkness in the lives of individuals, people groups, governments and nations. This happens because the Kingdom of God is a dividing line. No one can stand with a foot in the world and a foot in the Kingdom at the same time. The King of the Kingdom seeks to rob the darkness of its prisoners, while the devil seeks to stop Him and increase darkness.

Jesus told us that the least in the Kingdom of God is greater than John the Baptist (see Matthew 11:11). What does this mean? Jesus is saying that we have power and authority as children of God through the Holy Spirit, but He also warned us that conflict is unavoidable. When the Kingdom comes, it ushers in a new government and a new covenant people who are ruled by a new King.

Jesus understood that living a life of righteousness in a world that is dominated by evil and darkness means living contrary to political correctness and cultural convention. It will result in persecution. When Jesus told us that the Kingdom of God suffers violence (see Matthew 11:12), He was acknowledging a pattern of action and response. This pattern is found throughout Scripture. God begins to move, and the enemy resists and opposes what He is doing. It has been this way since the beginning.

There will be perpetual hostility in the world until the Kingdom of God is realized fully. In the end, the seed of the woman—Jesus Christ—and all those in Christ will have the victory. Until then, the Kingdom of God is forcefully advancing. 

We need to do what Jesus did by demonstrating the Gospel and overthrowing darkness. Yes, conflict is unavoidable. But victory is assured.