This Is Our Story: Rising Through Injustice

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Belonging yet not belonging: finding ‘home’ in relationship with God

By Nina Kurlberg, Theology Development Officer for Tearfund.

In John 14:23, Jesus promises: ‘“Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them.”’ 

I’ve lived in England for most of my life, but it’s never felt like ‘home’. From a young age, I was aware that I was different from those around me. As I learned more about my family history over the years, the feeling of not belonging merged with anger. I was angry because of the racism I’d encountered throughout my life, and because of the UK’s colonial past, which had ultimately caused my family to sacrifice ‘home’ in exchange for safety. 

At the same time, however, I couldn’t make peace with my anger because I was all too aware that as a British citizen I was in many ways benefitting from this past. I also had no idea where home would be for me if not England.

I have found solace in the story of Jesus Christ, who lived as fully human yet fully divine, belonging yet not belonging. This has enabled me to come to terms with and even appreciate the tensions brought about by the multiple and intersecting identities I have. Rather than searching for ‘home’, I have learned to focus on following Jesus’ example, finding home and a sense of belonging in relationship – with the triune God, and with others too.


Dear God, 

Thank you for your peace and the promises you have made to us. Thank you for the example of Jesus, and help us to remember that we find our identity in relationship with you. 

Help us to have that same assurance that we have a place in you.