This Is Our Story: Rising Through Injustice

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The God who sees us

By Lisa Adjei, Speaker Recruitment and Development Specialist for Tearfund

‘You are the God who sees me.’ This wasn’t just the words of Hagar, the servant of Sarah – this was a bold declaration of who God is. Hagar was a woman, a single mother, a servant, and she is the first person to call God by this name. Just pause on that for a moment. El Roi. ‘You are the God who sees me, I have now seen the One who sees me.’

Hagar’s story is so familiar to me. She’s working in a context that reflects some of our oppressive experiences. She’s being unfairly treated, and there isn’t much she can do about it. The decision to sleep with Abraham wasn’t her idea. It’s an awkward situation, it’s not of her making and she runs away. 

But right by a spring, in the middle of a desert, she hears words of encouragement from God. A message is sent to her through an angel that things will be well with her and her descendants. That she is seen, that her pain is heard, that she is blessed. Wow. I wonder if in our own pain and troubles – with some of us living in situations that are far from equitable – this same encouragement and promise speaks to us. That we are seen. That we are heard. That we are blessed. 


God who sees us, In our pain and our joy, lead us to the spring of life. Would you speak words of comfort and truth to our pain and our situations?

Heal our wounds and remind us of who we are. Would your justice break forth as light in all the places of darkness?