This Is Our Story: Rising Through Injustice

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When rising is in your nature 

By Abbie Ametewee, Thematic Support Team Assistant for Tearfund.

Psalm 37:6 says, ‘The justice of your cause will shine like the noonday sun.’ (New Living Translation) It is this bright noonday sun we follow, that lights the fires which guide the path to liberation before us. 

When thinking about rising through injustice, I believe it is in the nature of the oppressed to rise. Marginalized groups, discriminated-against groups, the ‘other’ – we hold a holy resilience.

A lot of the time, both the individual and collective pain is unbearable, and we have to take a break. But do not mistake the break for giving up. For our posture is getting ready to rise again. Yes, it may take years for us to find our feet. And yes, we may rise with scars, but these are battle scars – ours to own, and that tell a story. We can rise in pain but also in hope.



The only one I would follow in this fight, we will be seen and we will not be shy. Let the glory of your justice roll like that mighty river.