Chris Tomlin - Good Good Father Devotional

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Answers Only You Provide

A young child goes to her dad for answers. She wants answers to silly things like, “Why is the sky blue?” But she also goes to him, directly or indirectly, with questions like, “Am I loved? Am I accepted? Am I safe?”

We are all asking these questions, aren’t we? No matter our age.

It’s tempting—especially when our earthly fathers can’t provide answers—to go searching for answers from the people around us and from the world. To look to them for acceptance, love and fulfillment, but this is searching for answers that only God, our heavenly Father, can provide.

God’s sent us the answer to all our questions and deepest needs in the form of His son.

Jesus is our living water, the one who quenches every thirst (John 4:14). He fulfills our ultimate desires. In him, we are enough, forever accepted and loved by our Father.

Dads can’t answer every question a child may have, as hard as they may try, but the Father has already done that. He has sent the answer, and it is the only answer we will ever need.

Written by Andrea Lucado