Chris Tomlin - Good Good Father Devotional

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The Tender Whisper of Love in the Dead of Night

When a good father hears his child calling out to him in the night, what does he do? Does he stay in bed and decide the child can fend for himself? No. Fathers rush to their children’s side even, and especially, in the dead of night.

It is the same for us. God is not distant during our difficult times. He is close. Scripture says that God is near to the brokenhearted (Psalm 34:18). God doesn’t wait to show up once the struggle is over and we’re out of the valley. God is with us the entire time. He didn’t go anywhere when the day turned to night.

And during the night, right in the middle of the pain and wrestling, He reveals himself to us in a new and real way so that when the struggle subsides, we come out of it with a deeper understanding of our Father and His love for us.

Are you in the dead of night right now? Call out to the Father and listen. You will hear the whisper of love.

Written by Andrea Lucado